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자동차 OBD관련 DIY링크 하나 본문

공구함, 튜닝PRG/스크랩북

자동차 OBD관련 DIY링크 하나

자동차 ECU가 수집하는 차내 각종 센서와 운행데이터를 읽는 장치를 직구해 인터페이스를 달아본 DIY.

글도 글이지만, 댓글을 읽어볼 만 합니다.

자동차는 전원부가 불안정하기 때문에,

그리고 최저가를 골라 산 저가형 리더기의 품질이 의심되기 때문에,

단순히 읽기모드만 설정하고 사용하다가도 연결한 기계가 불량나거나 전기계통이 안 좋을 때 제대로 반응하지 못하면, 자동차에 손상을 주고 주행 중에 위험한 상황이 생길 가능성이 있다는 얘기가 있네요.

온보드 진단기 ODB II라는 것이, 단순히 센서값을 보는 데만 쓰는 게 아니라 핸들과 브레이크같은 데도 영향을 주는 거라고 해요. 마치, 언어에서 하드웨어용으로 할당된 메모리를 직접 억세스해 peek와 poke하는 것처럼.

그건 그렇고, 글과 링크된 제작자의 블로그는 이 쪽에 관심가진 분에게는 읽을 거리가 많을 것 같습니다.


검색해 본 링크 몇 가지 메모. (별 상관없음)

On-Board Diagnostics, or "OBD," is a computer-based system built into all 1996 and later light-duty vehicles and trucks, as required by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. OBD systems are designed to monitor the performance of some of an engine's major components including those responsible for controlling emissions.

OBD impacts many audiences for different reasons.

For Repair Technicians:

OBD is a valuable tool that assists in the service and repair of vehicles by providing a simple, quick, and effective way to pinpoint problems by retrieving vital automobile diagnostics from the OBD systems.

This site will help you find information about OBD regulatory and technical issues and the availability of service information needed to diagnose and repair OBD problems.

For State Agencies:

OBD plays an important role where vehicle inspection and maintenance programs are required.

This site will help you find information on program implementation guidance and outreach materials to help raise awareness about OBD in your state or locality.

For Vehicle Owners:

OBD serves as an early warning system that alerts you to the potential need for vehicle repair through the "Check Engine" light on the dashboard of your vehicle.

This site will help you find information on the benefits of OBD and the important role OBD plays in responsible car care and learn other ways you can maintain your vehicle and reduce its emissions.

For Vehicle and Engine Manufacturers:

OBD systems are required by EPA to be installed on light-duty vehicles and trucks, as well as heavy-duty engines.

This site will help keep you informed of EPA's regulatory efforts, policies, and guidelines regarding OBD, including any issues that might impact your design and manufacturing process.

ODB연동해 기록하는 블랙박스 기사

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