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English spelling of Korean Postal Address (inc. postal code) 본문

견적, 지름직/전자정부, 온라인 생활공간

English spelling of Korean Postal Address (inc. postal code)

사용자 삽입 이미지
아래 주소는 우체국에서 제공하는 우편번호 서비스 링크입니다.
This URL below is provided by Korea Post, the official serivice.

English spelling of Korean address -> Korean postal code

■ INPUT-1: /-Do/ (say, province) or /-Si/ (large city)
INPUT-2: /-Si/ (small city in a '-Do') or /-Gun/ or /-Gu/
INPUT-3: /-dong/ Some addresses don't need to input to show the candidate list.

Then you will see a list of addresses and
the corresponding postal codes.
(usually to the apartment name or to the '-dong' / '-myeon' level, i.e. 'street' )

사용자 삽입 이미지

And with that, to complete a valid address form,
you still need to add the precise address 'number';
in case of apartments, the building number and the room number.
( Usually, the postal code depicts the name of the apartment.
if it is not included in the address name, then you should add it, too. )

Korean spelling of Korean address -> English spelling and postal code
If you know the Korean spelling (Hangul) of the Korean address, and if you need to write it in English,
the hyperlink below could be of help.
(also, you can verify the address you have got above)

INPUT: either the '-dong' name of the address, or the name of the apartment in Korean spelling.

Click [영문보기] icon in the search results. [우편번호] means 'postal code.'
사용자 삽입 이미지

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